Somewhere Someone


Somewhere someone is celebrating a birth … another mourning a loss. Hard-working people are finding it difficult to meet monthly obligations. Others do it with ease having resources to spare. Someone is facing an insurmountable challenge. Another is in a place where things just couldn’t be better. Some are content, others are restless.

When a friend or family member goes through a tough time, we may not be able to fix their problem or intervene to the extent that would change their situation. Someone may have recently gotten a promotion, received good news, or had an unexpected triumph. There are varying degrees and vast differences between what people are experiencing at any given time in their lives. Sometimes it’s good – other times, not so much.

A text, an email, a card, message, phone call, face time or face-to-face would mean so much. Someone within your circle would benefit from your words of affirmation and encouragement. We all could stand to hear words of hope and reinforcement. Whether one’s current state is solemn or celebratory; we welcome words fitly spoken, words that move us onward, words that lift us up.


Shower someone with accolades, bolster another to keep them motivated. Use your words to inspire, create positive change, or support a friend going through a tough time. Someone could use words of wisdom and good counsel. Reassurance to remind someone to keep up the good work, or letting them know that they’re valued and appreciated will go a long way in making someone’s day with the words you say.

Notice: Every blog, product, post, or creative piece is designed as a reminder to speak words fitly spoken - words that encourage, heal, or help in some way. We create a place that speaks to the power of words and how words affect us in our everyday lives. Sometimes something funny, sometimes gleaning from history. Maybe it’s science-based, informational, inspirational, or just a story to share. It is our hope that everything Apples in Silver moves us toward being conscience of the words we speak as we aim to make someone’s day better with the words we say.

Thank you for joining our community.

Creatively yours,