Dreams Do Come True


My niece, Chloe was born at 26½ weeks. As with most preemies, she faced insurmountable challenges. One challenge being that she did not start speaking until she was almost four. Before then, her vocabulary was limited – even for a four-year-old. Therapy included encouraging her to ‘use her words’. She was not to rely on gestures or emotions to express herself.

During this time, Jade (her older cousin) dreamed a dream. In the dream, Chloe answered the door when Jade rang the bell. Chloe welcomed Jade and started talking, and talking, and talking. Jade concluded the story by saying, ‘And she wouldn’t stop!’

The dream was such an encouragement and a confirmation for all of us that Chloe would be just fine; she would use her words and hold witty conversations. She’s a junior in high school now, preparing to graduate and attend college next year. Dreams do come true.

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