Weird Words

Take a look at these weird words! Most are difficult to pronounce and will not easily roll off your tongue. In fact, they are rare and obsolete. Some of them have not been used for centuries! I chose these because their meanings relate to our theme – words, expressions and the things we say.

battologist [bat-tah-luh-djist] || someone who repeats the same thing needlessly. From a Greek word meaning ‘stammerer’.

galimatias [gal-uh-mat-ee-us] || nonsense, meaningless talk. Of unknown origin, first found in the sixteenth century.

inaniloquent [in-an-nill-uh-kwunt] || an obsolete and rare adjective meaning ‘full of idle talk, foolishly babbling’. From Latin words meaning ‘inane’ and ‘to speak’.

jactance [jack-tunce] || a rare word meaning ‘boasting’.

kyriolexy [kye-ree-oh-leck-see] || the use of literal expressions. From Greek words meaning ‘proper’ and ‘speaking’.

logomachy [luh-gah-muh-kee] || fighting about words, a fight about words. From Greek words meaning ‘word’ and ‘fighting’.

peenge [peendj] || to complain in a whining voice. One suspects that the qualification “in a whining voice’ is unnecessary. Perhaps formed from whinge, and influenced by peevish.

satisdiction [sat-is-dick-shun] || a word meaning ‘saying enough’. If only we knew to shut up after achieving satisdiction. From Latin words meaning ‘enough’ and ‘saying’, on the model of satisfaction.

Lynette Samuel