Tongue Twisters

See if you can recognize the author of the following verse:

The great Jehovah speaks to us

In Genesis and Exodus,

Leviticus and Numbers, three,

Followed by Deuteronomy.

It’s Theodor Seuss Geisel or Dr. Seuss! as he is so dearly known. Dr. Seuss attended services at an Episcopal church with his parents and sister where it is said that he preferred the music and ceremonies more than the sermon. He used rhyme to memorize the books of the Bible (Becoming Dr. Seuss, by Brian Jay Jones).

Here’s a tongue twister from Oh Say Can You Say, published in 1979 when Seuss was 75! “People of my age are all retiring,” he said, “which is something I would never want for myself.”

Seuss was pleased with the ‘terrible tongue twisters’ in Oh Say Can You Say which he thought to be more difficult than those he’d written for Fox in Socks. “I suddenly came to the conclusion that we were making it too easy for kids.” Here’s an example from the book:

Are our words a reflection of who we are!!?? That’s a scary thought! Well, I’m certainly no Seuss; but, here’s my meager attempt at writing rhyme:

When you’re inclined

To say something unkind,

Practice a tongue twister instead

So not to have regrets about something you said!

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