Beautiful Words

In 2004, the British Council (a UK organization specializing in international cultural and educational opportunities) carried out a survey to celebrate their 70th anniversary. They asked over 7,000 learners in forty-six countries what they considered to be the most beautiful words in English. They also ran an online poll on their websites abroad. Over 35,000 people voted. Here are the top fifty most beautiful words.

Notice that the list consists of words that invoke good feelings. Perhaps a particular word is a reminder of a special event or brings to mind an amusing or pleasant memory. Notice how some words just roll off the tongue, others invite positive thoughts. Notice that the first word is “mother”.

Notice: Every blog, product, post, or creative piece is designed as a reminder to speak words fitly spoken - words that encourage, heal, or help in some way. We create a place that speaks to the power of words and how words affect us in our everyday lives. Sometimes something funny, sometimes gleaning from history. Maybe it’s science-based, informational, inspirational, or just a story to share. It is our hope that everything Apples in Silver moves us toward being conscience of the words we speak as we aim to make someone’s day better with the words we say.

Thank you for joining our community.

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