Perpetual Words

We learned about the water cycle and how it works in elementary school. Every day by the process of evaporation, the warmth of the sun draws up tons of water from puddles, lakes, rivers and oceans. Plants, trees and even the ground releases water vapor by the process of evapotranspiration. We cannot see the water rising because it is a very light vapor that mixes with gases in the air and form clouds. Then it will rain, or snow, or sleet, or hail. And the cycle will begin again.

God says:


God says that His words are like the rain that falls. It serves a purpose on earth and will ‘not return empty’. Is this also a cycle in motion?

Is it possible that our words, too, are perpetual … always moving, creating, living, working, being, doing? All the more reason for us to be mindful and careful with our words. It may not be so easy to recapture words said in anger or haste. And when we mess up (because I certainly do), be quick to get back on track to becoming a community of people giving, receiving, and circling words that bring life and hope.

Lynette Samuel