History was made when Jennifer Kupcho became the winner of the first Amateur Women’s Championship Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club on April 6th .

At the Nationals, besides the ambience, the exquisite grounds, pimento cheese on white bread, and their Georgia peach ice cream sandwich, another aspect of the game that I enjoy is the silence. As the player positions herself the crowd is reverently quiet. The surroundings are sublime even surreal as all becomes still. High above our heads we hear only the chirps and tweets of the occupants perched in their beautiful blooming dogwood, juniper, and magnolia trees.

The game requires precision and concentration. Silence shows respect. Noise would be a distraction. Immediately after the resounding whack when the club makes contact, patrons shout. There is an eruption of cheers and applause as if it is their energy too that moves the ball along to land on the green near its target; or, ideally, in the cup. The roar of affirmations is thunderous in contrast to the silence just moments before. Both equally important.

Oh! for us to exercise silence, mincing words that should not be uttered. And that we would become ever so vocal with accolades of praise and encouragement. The more we practice, the more proficient we will be.

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