Words In A Song

Last year, I visited my daughter in Haiti during her one-year teaching assignment. While attending a service at Disciple’s Village, Son Son and Kindly sang a harmonious duet in Creole for the congregation. Then they sang in English. And I lost it!

Tears ran down my face. I had to cover my mouth to keep from being audible. Son Son and Kindly are young orphans being loved, nurtured, educated and cared for at Disciple’s Village. This is what they said in song …

I thought… They’re singing the same song that I sing! They worship like I worship! They may not have the comforts and conveniences as others but that does not affect their adoration to God.

I will always remember those two little boys who made such an impact in my life by their words and speaking those words so that I could understand. I’m confident they will grow up to be strong men and make a big difference in the communities and lives of many others.

Lynette Samuel