Not A Conquest-But A Surrender

In Words that Work by Frank Luntz, Luntz makes the point that his book is not about policy neither is it written for any particular party affiliation. I take the same stance in referencing his work. I don’t side with any political position. Luntz makes a practical and poignant point about the art and science of words that work and how we use them. The premise throughout the book is:

Here’s a brief excerpt from the introduction:

“…every message that that you bring into the world is subject to the interpretations and emotions of the people who receive it. Once the words leave your lips, they no long belong to you. We have a monopoly only on our own thoughts. The act of speaking is not a conquest, but a surrender. When we open our mouths, we are sharing with the world – and the world inevitable interprets, indeed sometimes shifts and distorts our original meaning.”

If we surrendered more, being careful of our words, what improvements would we see in our relationships?