Eloquent And Exquisite


Back in the olden days of the 1960s, my mom made greeting cards for birthdays and holidays. Her family members were the recipients of these hand-painted designs and original prose, personally created for that person who meant so much to her. The cards were never printed or copied so each was an original.


Today, the greeting card business is thriving ($7.5 billion in sales), holding its own in the age of technology and the convenience of sending an electronic message. It is my hope that handwritten notes, cards, and messages will never become obsolete and that they will forever remain keepsakes that we cherish for many generations. The eloquent words and exquisite designs makes a great combination.

Notice: Every blog, product, post, or creative piece is designed as a reminder to speak words fitly spoken - words that encourage, heal, or help in some way. We create a place that speaks to the power of words and how words affect us in our everyday lives. Sometimes something funny, sometimes gleaning from history. Maybe it’s science-based, informational, inspirational, or just a story to share. It is our hope that everything Apples in Silver moves us toward being conscience of the words we speak as we aim to make someone’s day better with the words we say.

Thank you for joining our community.

Creatively yours,


Lynette Samuel