Making Memories

“The truth is what everyone agrees on,” said the Wizard, defending his own fraudulent agenda and misguiding interests.

“So you lied,” said Elphaba.

“Only verbally,” replied the Wizard.

I recently had the opportunity to take an overseas trip with my youngest daughter. The lines above are from the award winning musical, Wicked which we got to see while visiting London. During the show, these lines stood out to me and I scrambled to find pen and scrap paper to jot them down. Elphaba aka, the Wicked Witch of the West confronts the corrupt Wizard of Oz as she continues to struggle with being different herself.

Elphaba attempts to call the wizard out on his shady ways but he defends his actions by stating that he’s [only] verbally deceptive. I thought about our endeavor with Apples in Silver to be authentic, accurate, and hopeful with the words we speak; knowing that truth is not dependent on ‘everyone’ agreeing with our point of view.

Here are a few pics from the trip – we visited Germany too … so much culture, great people, terrific sites, and absolutely incredibly delicious cuisine made such great memories for Jade and me.